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Importance of Custom Resistors

We all must be aware of the fact that custom resistors are essential for the running of our day to day activities. It thus goes without saying that we literally cannot do anything without the use custom resistors. For better understanding of the applications of resistors, it is key to understand certain fundamental concepts about electricity.

Electrical energy is generated when there is a flow of electric current through a conductor that is wired in a circuit. The basic building blocks for electricity are thus the electrons of matter. Electrical devices known as resistors are important when there is a need to regulate the amount of electricity flowing in a circuit by the use of resistance. The applications for these devices are multifaceted as we shall discuss below.

Timers can be used for a number of real-life use cases but they cannot be created without using resistors. In this regard, the resistor has to be wired together with a capacitor so that it can serve the purpose of a timer. Car sirens, flashers as well as many other devices make use of these timers. The timing mechanism works by allowing charge to fill in a capacitor only bit by bit as is permitted by the resistor that is connected to it.

By making use of resistors, we can decide how long a capacitor should take to fill up with charge and this can be done by making use of resistors. The energy that is stored in a capacitor is only released once the capacitor is full and this completes the cycle of the timing mechanism. The cycles are repeated sequentially depending on the amount of electricity that is permitted through a resistor.

Finally, resistors can be used for purposes of dividing the amount of voltage that is dissipated at a given point in an electrical circuit. By passing the voltage through a number of resistors of equal or varying resistance the voltage across these resistors ends up being divided. This phenomenon is significant in the event that an appliance that is being connected to the voltage source cannot consume a given amount of voltage due to the fact that its input specifications are lower than that generated by the mains. This very concept can be used in any instance where there is a need to produce varying amounts of power by considering a careful tradeoff between the amount of electric current flowing and the resistance that is applied to such an electrical circuit. Resistors connected in this manner for purposes of causing voltage differences in an electric circuit are said to form a daisy chain of resistor connection. Various electrical appliance employ this concept of daisy chain connection.

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